Cereal Offender Tennis Pro In Mediation

Thanasi Kokkinakis
Thanasi Kokkinakis branded Cereal Offender!

21 year old Australian tennis pro, Thanasi Kokkinakis, is fighting on a different court with multinational breakfast cereal manufacturer kellogg's over the right to use his nickname 'Special K' on a line of sportswear.

Currently the case has gone to mediation, according to South Australian newspaper The Advertiser. Kokkinakis' lawyers are claiming that there would be no impact on the Kellogg's brand as they are two different products completely.

Kokkinakis, and fellow tennis pro Nick Kyrgios, were nicknamed 'The Special K's'. Kokkinakis' father, Trevor, is said to have lodged the trademark 'special k' as a sportswear brand. Cereal manufacturing giant, Kellogg's, is reported to have lodged an objection against the trade mark application almost 18 months ago.

IPAUST, Australia's register for intellectual property such as trade marks, is reported to have dismissed Kellogg's' claim and Kellogg's have now filed in the High Court for the Aussie's trade mark to be removed.

The 'in court' battle has been adjourned for mediation between the pair with Kokkinakis' legal team reportedly stating that the young tennis pro's trademark could be complimentary due to its fitness oriented image, much like the Special K cereal brand.


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